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Beautiful Clothes-The journey

Nestled in the city of Jaipur, a fashion initiative namely “Beautiful Clothes” was heralded by a couplet of nouveau talents, Yamini Jain & Chandni Maheshwari. Mentored under the sprite & wisdom of the founder, Mr. Tushar Bhatnagar, the effort gained momentum with the launch of their online outing. The two ladies have given shape & edge to this dream, in every sense of the phrase! Be it the conception of varied designs, the ensemble that has to be put across the online palette, the detailing which more often than not goes unnoticed….the ladies have been the bridge of this herculean task! One can see the spark in their eyes & the glitter in their smiles, when asked to recall their month-long journey. “The tagging, the crazy naming, the photography….all has been worth the effort!” One look at the site and you can’t agree more!



Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!!

Fashion has the power to transform an image and make a social statement. It is always changing, slightly elusive, and extremely seductive.

Fashion is all about carrying yourselves in such a manner, that it looks like you are actually flaunting the style.

It includes apparels, shoes, accessories, and most importantly your attitude.


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